Beyond limits

You can consider two existing limits.

The ones that are dictated by your current state and/or environment.

The one you set to yourself.

Let's discuss about the later a bit more and why it's important to force pushing yourself beyond it.

When you set limit to yourself, be it because you're tired, frustrated by other events in your life, you do that as an attempt to pat yourself or just you know, be nice, give a break.

The problem is, usually you may end up feeling guilty because you limited yourself way below your standards and you know that. That quick remedy didn't work as expected and now it's becoming a hard pill to swallow. This may end up in a vicious cycle, with you always feeling bad for yourself and miserable.

What I want you to try is this:

Whenever you set the limit, try the hardest to go at least a bit beyond that. Say you have to do A B C D and E.

After finishing A you're just: "aaah, not really in the mood for anything else, I'll skip the BCDE"

Don't that. Try at least doing B and C. You'll feel much better at the end cause you proved to yourself you could do even when you thought you weren't feeling like doing it.

There's even a big chance you may end up doing D and E at the end of the day.

This... this will definitely make you feel miles better than stoping your actions at A.

When this can be problematic

We all have natural limits, and they can be cumulative. Sure, always trying to push yourself will always give that nice satisfaction.

But don't ignore the cause to that impeding feeling. Why are you constantly stopping yourself? What bothers you so much? What's so frustrating? Can you fix it?

Acknowledge that first, and while you work on improving or fixing that, it's okay to give some time to breath, relax and do nothing. Pushing too much for too long will just break you.

Everybody needs time, everybody needs healing. Small, incremental, ups and downs will take you much further than one straight line.

A catapulted rock will go further faster, but will fall down eventually and crash.

Give that ball wings instead, and let it fly on its own time, slowly, but forever.